Weight Scale ICU Hospital Bed

Weight Scale ICU Hospital Bed

ES-12DW (Drop-down Siderails)

The design and function of the ES-12DW bed is mainly to meet the demands of intensive care unit (ICU). It helps to maintain the vital signs and offers safety features for patients as well as the care staff. Please see below for more details.

  1. Safe and Firm Construction
    The ES-12DW ICU Bed's frame is made of steel with powder coating and the mattress' platform is made of ABS plastic which has ventilation holes.
  2. X-ray Examination
    There is an X-ray cassette under the back board allowing examinations to be performed directly on the bed without the risks of patient mobilization.
  3. New Style Head and Foot board collapsible
    The boards are made of ABS plastic, allowing for easy removal when in an emergency.
  4. New Design Drop-down Side-rails
    • The side-rails provide the optimum protection against a fall.
    • Both sides have the patient control panel which can manipulate Hi-Lo, back, knee and Auto-chair independently and the outside panel is used by caregivers to prevent the spread of infection.
    • Nursing staff can monitor the patients' head angle from the indicator.
    • New trend tilt indicators are located on the both foot siderails.
  5. CPR Quick Release
    Release the back-rest for emergency CPR.
  6. New Malfunction Foot-end Attendant Control Panel
    • This provides caregivers easy control of the position of the patient.
    • There is another auto-regression function at the caregiver panel with electric handling.
    • The control panel can be locked to prevent unexpected contact.
    • The new weight scale system can assist caregivers to reduce their workload and provide more protection for patients.
  7. Mattress Stopper
    There are stoppers around the mattress platform.
  8. I.V. Pole Holes and Drainage Bag Hangers
    There are six I.V. pole holders around the bed and the hangers for the drainage bags on each side of bed.
  9. Auto-Chair Function
    This function manipulates the back-rest and knee-rest simultaneously to the position of a chair, it provides a comfortable position for patients.
  10. Central Brake and Steer System
    This provides an efficient operation for caregivers without strain to mobilize the bed.

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Overall bed length 2220mm
Overall bed width 1000mm (side-rails up)
950mm (side-rails down)
Overall mattress base length 2020mm
Overall mattress base width 900mm
Overall bed height 455~755mm


Back-rest 0~75°
Knee gatch 0~30°
Trendelenburg & Rev. Trend ±12°
Back-rest angle indicator Y
Trend tilt angle indicator Y
Auto-chair Y


Safe working load 230kg
Castor diameter 5"
Back-rest CPR quick release lever Y
Central brake and steering system Y
Back-rest X-ray board Y
I.V. pole holes Y
I.V. pole storage Y
Drainage bags hanger Y
Restraint belts holes Y
Bumpers Y
Side-rails control panel for patients and caregivers Y
Head and foot board removable Y
Mattress stoppers Y
Back-up battery Y
Foot-end attendant panel Y
Motor standard IP 66
Equipment standard IEC60601-2-52

Weight Scale System

Minimum measurement unit 100g
Weight capacity 0~250kg
Hold mode Y
Patient monitor mode Patient leave alarm
Weight variation alarm
Prevent falling alarm

Safety/Quality Approvals

Our bed construction is passing the IEC 60601-2-52

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