Hydraulic Stretcher

Hydraulic Stretcher


  1. Safe and Firm Construction
    The JE-300 Hydraulic Stretcher’s is made of steel with powder coating and the mattress’ platform is made of ABS plastic.
  2. Full-length Side-rails
    It made of ABS plastic and provides the optimum protection against a fall.
  3. Mattress Stopper
    There are stoppers around the mattress platform.
  4. I.V. Pole Holes and Drainage Bag Hangers
    • There are two I.V. poles on the head side and foot side.
    • There are hangers for the drainage bag on each side of bed.
  5. Head and foot sides retractable push handgrip
    This assists caregivers to transfer patients easily and efficiently.
  6. Back-rest Lifting
    There are two gas springs to support the back-rest adjustment.
  7. Mattress Base Lifting
    There are two oil-hydraulic jacks to support the mattress platform adjustment.
  8. Anti-dust Undercarriage
    • It prevents the bed structure damage.
    • There is a storage tray for patient’s items.
  9. Stowed Oxygen Bottle Holder
    It is located the head side of the bed.
  10. The Fifth Steering Castor and Central Brake System
    It is located at each side of the stretcher that allows caregivers convenience of manual handling in tasks.

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Overall bed length2120mm
Overall bed width815mm (side-rails up)
790mm (side-rails stowrd)
Overall mattress base length1855mm
Overall mattress base width635mm
Overall bed height585~885mm


Knee gatchN
Trendelenburg & Rev. Trend±16°


Safe working load225kg
Castor diameter8"
The fifth steering castorY
Central brake and steering systemY
I.V. pole holesY
I.V. pole storageY
Drainage bags hangerY
Restraint belts holesY
Head and foot sides retractable push handgripY
Anti-dust undercarriageY
Mattress stoppersY
Oxygen bottle storageY

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